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World of Pool and Billiards App
Community Guidelines

When you use the World of Pool and Billiards App, you join a community of people from all over the world. The guidelines below help keep the app enjoyable for everyone.

If you see content that you think violates these guidelines, use the reporting feature build into the app to submit it for review by World of Pool and Billiards staff. 

1. Unrelated Content: World of Pool and Billiards is an app designed by a pool player for the global billiards community. Its primary goal is to provide easy-to-access free educational content for pool and billiards players. The platform is meant solely to discuss and share information related to pool and billiards. Do not post content that is unrelated to pool and billiards.

2. Spam: If you are posting content or comments, do not post scams, repetitive content, advertisements, misleading titles, or misleading images.

3. Sales: No sales posts are allowed.

4. Impersonation: I know Efren Reyes is your favorite player, but do not try to act like you are him by making him your profile picture, a picture of him, and your user name Efren Reyes. Do not impersonate others on this platform.

5. Racist/Hateful Content: As colorful as the balls are in pool, so is the diversity of the global billiards community. Do not engage in posting racist or hateful content. It is wholly unacceptable and is not welcome on this platform.

6. Sensitive Content: This includes politics, nudity, sexual content, criminal activity, and violent or graphic content. Do not post any of this on this platform.

7. Vulgar Language: I want to keep this platform clean of vulgar language, so please refrain from using it. If we're going to continue growing the player base, we must create a friendly and inviting community. The use of vulgar language only hinders those efforts. If in doubt, think of a better way to say it.

8. Children: As much as I want to reach out to younger generations and encourage them to play the game, there are too many laws on content that includes children. While it is incredible that your kid can run a rack of 8-ball, please refrain from posting their picture or personally identifiable information.

9. Harassment: Do not harass, threaten, dox,  or stalk the members on this platform.

10. Respect: Show respect for one another regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, skill level, what league they play in, or if they wear a billiards glove. We all have two things in common. We are human beings, and we like to play pool.

11. Copyright Violation: Do not post copyrighted content that you do not own. This includes drills and table diagrams from other websites/apps.

Violations: If you are found to have violated these policies, each case will be handled individually. We will consider past offenses and warnings, the violation's severity, and the action's intent. Whatever course of action we decide to take is our sole discretion. Minor offenses will result in deleting content that violates our community guidelines, and a warning will be sent to the user. Severe or repetitive violations may result in account suspension or deletion.


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